Our Story

Born out of the kitchen of a suburban Melbourne home, White & Co has grown a lot in its short five years. Once a one-woman operation, we today encompass a boutique, office, two warehouses, over 20 team members, and seemingly endless amounts of jogger pants! Here’s a little about our story so far and who we are.

In the beginning...

Like all good businesses, White & Co was born out of need. A need for simple, everyday fashion basics of good quality at an affordable price. Frustrated with the offerings available, Krissy, White & Co.’s founder, set out to create her own.

In 2016, White & Co. was launched, initially selling straight out of Krissy’s home until the perfect space became available for a retail showroom and warehouse. Far from a hobby or side hustle, White & Co was always bound to be a successful business thanks to Krissy’s determination, hard work, and sacrifice of sleep!

Our world today

Spurred on by the joy of sourcing clothes and accessories she knew her customers would love, Krissy quickly built White & Co into a key player in the Australian fashion landscape. Today, we have customers all around Australia, New Zealand and overseas, all of whom we appreciate so much!
Our team has also grown significantly. No longer a one-woman operation, our team includes many amazing people working across our Malvern boutique, head office, and Moorabbin warehouse (probably the most stylish warehouse in all of Moorabbin, if we do say so ourselves).

Our values

While our everyday aim is to provide busy women with the fashion basics they need and want, our overall ethos is so much more than that. At our core, we’re about supporting women. From flexible employment for mums returning to work to sponsorship of disadvantaged girls, our goal is to uplift others and help them achieve their goals.
Of course, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do. Offering them an amazing shopping experience, whether in-store or online, and providing them with clothes that make them feel fabulous gives us joy every day. After all, women are amazing and deserve to be celebrated!

The founder

Keeping White & Co true to these values, Krissy has created a business that empowers women. An incredible woman herself, Krissy is a natural leader who not only steers the ship but also paddles furiously at the same time. Never afraid of hard work, she’s a supportive, no-nonsense leader who’ll even help unpack boxes when needed.

With two teens at home, she’s a mum and business woman who understands the struggle of trying to balance a busy schedule. With a non-stop flow of ideas that can come at all hours (often 3am!), she sends more emails in a day than most people do in a month. Yep, she’s a superwoman, but she couldn’t do it without the support of her family and the great White & Co team.

Our team

More of a family than a workforce, our team is a close-knit group that are supportive and always up for a laugh.
For our team, White & Co is more of a world than a workplace. A world where birthdays are celebrated with cheese platters and champagne, where new styles elicit excited gasps (and more than a few staff purchases), and where the hours fly past at rapid speed.

There’s no doubt our team includes a lot of amazing women. From Kerry, our customer service champion, to Jacinta, our wonderful retail operations manager, and all our other brilliant staff members, we’re lucky to have a diverse, skilled and hard-working team who love what they do.
Our journey so far has been an exciting one and we’re so thankful for all of you who have come for this ride with us. We couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to seeing what the future holds!



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