How to Wear Colour Pop Knitwear

How to Wear Colour Pop Knitwear - White & Co Living

Who said knitwear had to be neutral? Black, beige, white, navy, stripes, you know the ones. Those colours we reach for time and time again that keep our sense of fashion grounded. They’re reliable, but not exactly exciting. So, while they’ll always have a place in your closet, perhaps it’s time for something new? Step out in energetic shades this season and enhance your knitwear wardrobe with pops of colour that brighten your look (and day). Not sure where to start? Read our easy guide to find out how to wear colour pop knitwear for any occasion. 

Types of Knitwear 

First, the basics, getting to know your knitwear. Most of us tend to stick to the classics we love and wear to death and for the most part, aren’t too experimental. Think of that favourite sweater, longline cardigan or knitted coat. These wardrobe essentials become our building blocks as we move through the seasons, so, knowing the difference between them is key. 

The Sweater 

Well-loved and worn, sweaters are a classic when it comes to knitwear. Characterising casual dressing, this go-to style is likely to be found in the back of your wardrobe. Easy to wear and seriously versatile, the reliable sweater comes in a few different cuts we continuously reach for. 

Crew and V-neck are your basic styles that suit any outfit and flatter most body types. Looking for little more coverage? Turtleneck or mock high neck sweaters are a fabulous option. The extra fabric around the neck not only keeps you warm but can change the dynamic of your look to something chicer and more sophisticated.


The Cardigan 

Cardigans, a timeless essential when it comes to knitwear, have an ease of pairing that makes them a wardrobe must-have. Perfect for throwing on when you require an easy look, their many ways of styling will have you reaching for them all year round. 

Assured to be found in and amongst your knitwear collection, longline or waterfall cardigans can be worn with just about anything. Sporting a flattering drape and length, this stylish, easy-to-wear type of knitwear is one you can’t live without. 

The Cape 

A somewhat forgotten piece of outerwear, the cape is a fabulous option when wanting to try something other than your well-worn knitted coat. With an unstructured style, capes drape over the body like a blanket, offering a more relaxed look that suits many occasions. Often with design details like button fastenings at the neck or front, this practical yet chic piece of knitwear is one to add to your style repertoire. 

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Feeling well accustomed to your knitwear? Fab, let’s look at how to incorporate colour. 

Wearing Colour

Bold, bright and exciting; reaching for colours that enhance your style will give your knitwear wardrobe that refreshing burst of energy this season. Colour is a great way to add personality to your look, and not to mention brighten up those somewhat dull and dreary days. So, why not give it a go? 


When playing with colour it’s a good idea to think about what you would like your outfit to say, each vibrant hue telling a story of its own as you piece your outfit together. Warm-toned colours such as pinks, reds and ambers will give your look a romantic, cosy or harmonious feel. Perfect for weekend wear or social events, we love anything pink and pretty – have a look at our pink edit here. 

Cooler tones like blues, greens and purples will exude confidence, sophistication or a calm-like nature. Great for wearing day-to-day, at the office or socialising, those rich pieces with full bodies of colour will give your look that stylish edge.

How to Wear Colour Pop Knitwear 

Committing to wearing bright colours can be a little intimidating, it all comes down to experimentation and what works for you. If you are feeling unsure of where to begin, start by wearing a knit with a bright motif, contrasting stripe or eye-catching detail.

This easy way of introducing colour into your style repertoire will not only help you build your confidence when wearing the energetic hues but also help you discover what colours work for you along the way. Colour blocking is a great place to start. 

Next, try reaching for those solid block colours to brighten your look. Don’t be afraid to have fun with neon pops, royal blues, fuchsia hints and everything in between. Knits with minimalistic design details, smoother fabrics and basic necklines like the Amelia Knit will be easiest to style.

Tip: Distribute your colour evenly as wearing too much brightness all at one time will throw off the balance of your look. Keep it grounded by pairing back with a favourite pair of jeans, plain skirt or classic dress pants.

Looking for something a little more playful? Colourful prints can be a great way to inject some vibrancy into your knitwear wardrobe. Animal print, checks, florals, spots… The options are endless.

This fun and creative way of dressing can take a little getting used to, but once comfortable and confident, you’ll never have a dull day again.

Tips for Wearing Colour Pop Knitwear 

1. Pick your cut wisely

Exaggerated knits with design details like balloon sleeves, frills or oversized buttons are already busy. Stick with a simple cut when wearing colour. These pieces will slot nicely into your wardrobe and make it easier to pair with all your favourites. 

2. If in doubt, reach for white!

Wearing brights can take some getting used to, so if you are feeling a little too loud in your look reach for white pants to help tone it down. White acts as a great equalizer when wearing bright colours and not to mention looks super stylish paired alongside a lively hue! 


3. Take your favourite up a notch

If you aren’t sure where to begin when wearing colour, choose your favourite piece of knitwear to mimic in a brighter tone. A familiar style that you know works for you is a great starting point for introducing new colours into your repertoire. 

4. Reflect your personality/day 

Colour theory not only plays a role in our day-to-day but also reflects who we are as people. Wearing colours that mirror this is a fun and thoughtful way to play with the bright tones. So, next time you get stuck for which hue to wear, look within (or in your calendar). 

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment 

Colour can be a little daunting if you are hue adverse, but what better way to step out of your style comfort zone! Let yourself learn through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. Soon you’ll have a personalised colour palette to choose from next time you are looking for that extra pop! 


6. Confidence is key

Yes, that cliché phrase we know all too well. Cheesy but true – confidence is key. No matter what colour you wear or how you style it, if you are doing so with confidence, you will always look (and feel) great! 

Introducing colour into your wardrobe can be a lot of fun, so next time you see your favourite cut in a vibrant colour, why not give it a go? Shop our gorgeous range of colour pop knitwear here and let your colourful side run wild.


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