How to Wear and Style Layers

How to Wear and Style Layers - White & Co Living

As the cooler weather starts to set in, one particular word comes to mind, layers. Layering is essential to keep us warm, so why not do it in style? With the right tips and tricks (plus some fabulous outerwear) layering can enhance your cold-weather wardrobe. Have some fun with your outfitting this winter and layer up with our go-to guide on how to wear & style layers.


How to Wear and Style Multiple Layers   

When it comes to wearing multiple layers, we tend to stick to what we know, layering with camisoles and long sleeve tops that hide beneath our item of the day. Instead of piling on clothes to beat the chill, why not see layering as a way to enhance your outfit, playing with different pieces from your wardrobe to not only keep you warm but add a little personal style at the same time. 

The first thing to note about wearing multiple layers is that three is the sweet spot, you want to avoid looking bulky by incorporating a thinner base layer such as a basic tee, tank or long sleeve. Try opting for classic colours such as white, grey or stripes. This will keep your final outfit grounded, leaving you with more room to experiment with colours and prints for the outer layers.

Next comes the middle layer, this is typically a mid-weight item of clothing such as a cotton shirt or thinner cardi, and is great for adding structure, a pop of colour or an element of texture. Try styling it open or unbuttoned, this will show off your base layer while starting to build out the personality of your outfit. 

Finally, the outer layer. This is your heavier, winter-weight layer like a thick longline cardigan or coat. Don’t be afraid to play with length here while reaching for colours that complement the base and middle layers, such as dusty pink, tan, navy or black. Coats or cardigans with a waterfall front or lapel, such as the Jordan Coat will sit nicely over your middle layer whilst enhancing your look with its flattering fit and sophisticated detail. 


This easy-to-wear layering technique is great for those wanting to try something different with their personal style. More often than not, these classic pieces are already a part of your wardrobe and make for a perfect option when it comes to choosing a chic, layered look for those cool winter days. 

How to Wear and Style Layers That Show Off Detail 

Have a fabulous top in your wardrobe that you love to wear but can’t in winter because it just isn’t warm enough? Why not use layering as a way to showcase those stylish details while staying cosy at the same time. 

Pieces with stripes, sequins, pops of colour or motifs work great as a base or middle layer, using them as your canvas to work the outer layers around. Sleeves with contrasting stripes such as the Sky Stripe Knit look great layered under a lightweight jacket, such as the Arlo Shacket. Fold the sleeves of the jacket a third of the way up your arm, showing the cuff detailing of your layer underneath. Subtle yet stylish, this easy technique works great with lots of pieces in your wardrobe.

Another great way to show detail when layering is by wearing a tank under your go-to jumper or knit. Tanks with stripes or bright pops of colour like the Keira Tank will give dimension to your look whilst injecting personality into your outfit. Let the tank drop lower than your jumper or knit, showing that subtle, yet stylish detail. Complete your look with a thick coat or hooded cardigan, keeping this layer muted, so the focus stays on the underlayer. 

Have a trendy belt or bag strap? Layer up with a basic tank, open shirt and longline coat, the subtle outer layers will highlight the accessory whilst tying the look together with balanced proportions. Check out our gorgeous range of accessories, perfect for adding a pop of detail to those wintery looks. 


How to Layer and Style Casual Clothes 

Casual layering combines comfort with style and is a great way to enhance those basic pieces within your wardrobe. Often, casual attire can become a little mundane, especially when dressing in layers for warmth. We tend to reach for those go-to pieces we love and wear to death because they get the job done. With the right technique and a little planning, even your lazy day look can be stylish. 

When piecing your casual outfit together opt for a classic colour palette, keeping things toned down. Adding too much colour when wearing sweats can throw off the balance between comfort and style. A hoody or jumper with a cowl neck like will elevate your look whilst keeping you cosy. When layering with a hoody, try pairing it with a longline coat or trench, placing the hood over the outside of the jacket. This will break up your layers whilst building depth with the contrasting textures (and not to mention add some great wintery style to your look!). 

Layering a denim jacket over a basic tee or long sleeve is another great way to add an element of texture while achieving a cool, off-duty aesthetic. A classic piece that anyone can wear, try turning the cuffs up, showing off the sleeves of your base layer. This will help add some personality to your look whilst keeping things on the trendy side. 


For a stylish finishing touch, try wearing your favourite jumper over your shoulders. This sophisticated way of styling will add a contrasting colour to your outfit (and not to mention come in handy when you need an extra layer on the go). Muted colours such as light pink, grey, navy or baby blue will tie in nicely with the denim jacket, pulling your outfit together with the subtle hues. Our best-selling Fundamental Sydney Crew is a perfect option.

Layering Tips

When it comes to layering, there are all kinds of tips and tricks to help you find your groove. Here are some essentials to keep in mind next time you layer up those winter warmers. 

How to Layer Colours

Playing with colours can be a fun way to give your outfit some added personality. To do so, focus on picking one layer to experiment with – your outer layer makes a great option! Don’t be afraid to reach for louder colours. This will enhance your base and middle layer whilst adding depth to your look. 


Why not go monochromatic? Try piecing your look together in one head to toe colour, utilising different textures, cuts and lengths to create dimension. You can never go wrong with all black! Chic, safe and sophisticated – just be sure to style your pieces in a way that breaks up the darker palette. Try a wet look jean (we love the Soho Wet Look Jogger), long sleeve tee and longline cardi, like the Reversible Flyaway Cardigan. This a perfect example of a coordinated way to wear black. The differing textures of each piece create balance whilst keeping your look stylish from head to toe. 

When a monochrome look feels too matchy-matchy, try working in pairs and layering complementary colours to mix things up. Classic pairings such as black and white or navy and cream will never go out of style and are guaranteed to be found in your wardrobe. These easy-to-wear colours are great for experimenting with different layers. Try teaming a white jean such as the Ralph Jogger with a basic stripe tee and tie it together with a versatile outer layer, such as the Citizen Jacket. Easy and effortless, these go-to colour combinations will suit any occasion. 

How to Layer Prints and Patterns

Playing with prints when layering can take your look to the next level, that is if you know what you are doing.

When layering prints, it’s best to start subtle then work your way to something a little louder. Reach for a printed blouse or long sleeve to layer under something more neutral, like a muted coat. The outer layer will cover most of the print, leaving you with the perfect amount of experimentation. 

Looking for something a little more daring? Why not trying mixing classic prints, like stripes with spots, florals or checks? A striped shirt will contrast nicely with a checked outer layer. The contrasting prints tie together perfectly as the pink hues work to complement each other.


Tip: Not sure how to layer multiple prints? Work with the colour palettes of each one, not against them. 

Layering comes down to experimentation, through trial and error you will find what works for you and what doesn’t. Start simple and move towards playing with different pieces and textures. Either way, you’ll look great, have fun and keep warm. Remember confidence is key no matter what you wear or how you style it! 

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