Meet Krissy & Chrissie! When Krissy (with a K) decided to launch White & Co she brought Chrissie (with a C) in as her Marketing Director. Well they discovered they had even more in common than their names and a love of fashion and homewares, they also had children of the same age. The kiddies thought it would be fun to interview these two for our first birthday and well quite a few laughs were had….

Zoe: Why did you chose the name?
Krissy: White has always been one of my favourite hues, my married name is Whitehead and I live in White St. It seemed the obvious choice!

Zoe: Do people get confused having two Krissy/Chrissie’s?
Chrissie: Yes they do! Sometimes we’ve responded to emails as each other. It doesn’t help that we are both blue eyed brunettes.

Will: Chrissie, what is it like working with my Mum?
Chrissie: It’s lots of fun! Not only do we share a similar aesthetic and ideas about a lot of things, we have the same work ethic. Emailing each other at 11pm is pretty common!

Leo: Why did you choose to sell fashion?
Krissy: Because I could never find what I wanted (and would hear the same from friends) so set about sourcing good quality basics and classics that my customers could keep in their wardrobes for years to come.

Will: What’s the hardest thing about doing White & Co?
Krissy: Balancing work/life balance just as every Mum finds. As anyone who has their own business knows you never switch off. We’ve been blown away by the rate of growth in the last 12 months (employing new staff and moving into a bigger space/new showroom) which has been really exciting but at times felt all consuming.

Zoe: What’s the favourite thing about having the business?
Krissy: I love buying and sourcing new products - I get so excited when I discover a new piece that White & Co customers will love. I also really love working for myself and the flexibility this brings - long hours but on my own terms.

Will: What’s going to happen in the next year?
Chrissie: Expanding our fashion accessories, more overseas travel to source unique products and some surprises that we can’t quite mention just yet!

Leo: Who is the newest staff member?
Krissy: Ted, our four month old Cavoodle, but seriously my husband Pete and the kids were such a great support when we started out. Without their patience (and Pete’s help with setting up our warehouse) we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Krissy & Chrissie


Zoe asking all the hard hitting questions

Will had some interesting questions for his Mum

Will and Leo have become good friends





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