10 Best Fashion Tips for Busy Mums

10 Best Fashion Tips for Busy Mums - White & Co Living

Being a mum is a busy (and tiring!) job. Between school drop-offs, cooking dinner, all those loads of laundry, and the million other items on your to-do list, there’s little time left for getting dressed. As such, curating a closet that can save you time every morning is a must. Luckily, we’re here to help with some handy hacks to ensure getting dressed is effortlessly easy. For instant style without any fuss, follow our 10 best fashion tips for busy mums.


1. Stock Up on Basics

Basics are the building blocks of your wardrobe. They’re the pieces you can rely on for comfort, fit, and a classic, everyday style. By stocking your closet with core basics that you love, getting dressed will always be a breeze. To cover all your bases, you’ll need a good selection of essentials including cotton tees, tanks, jogger pants, and jumpers in versatile colours, such as white, black and navy. A great pair of jeans that can pair with almost any top in your wardrobe is also a must.

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2. Invest in Accessories

Looking stylish needn’t take up your time. For an instantly fashionable look, try investing in accessories that can quickly dress up basic clothes. Not sure where to start? Try using a printed scarf to bring a simple tee and jeans to life or sling a playful crossbody bag on over a basic dress for a pop of colour. Chic footwear and bold jewellery can also be great choices to enhance an everyday outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your accessories.

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3. Choose Machine-Washable Pieces

When your days are already jam-packed, the last thing you want to do is hand wash your clothes, which is why they end up sitting in your laundry basket so long. By stocking your closet with machine-washable pieces, you’ll be able to quickly throw on a load without any worry that your beloved garments will shrink, fade or fall apart. No matter how beautiful the piece is, always check the care instructions before you buy.


4. Have a Pair of Go-To Sneakers on Hand

On-the-go days call for comfy and versatile shoes. Stash a pair of stylish sneakers next to your front door so you’ll always have them ready to go. Whether you’re dashing out the door to take the kids to sports practice, heading to the supermarket, or meeting up with friends for coffee, a great pair of sneakers will always see you through. While you can’t go wrong with classic white sneakers, statement styles with pops of colour can really give your outfit a lift.

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5. Incorporate Easy Dresses into your Wardrobe

No time to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms? No problem. An easy yet stylish dress is all you need for a put-together look without any hassle. We recommend choosing comfortable styles that are flattering without feeling restrictive so you can slip them on and go! Whether a T-shirt dress or a flowy maxi, the right dress can really take the hard work out of getting dressed! Then all you need to do is slip on your sneakers, grab your bag and you’re ready to go!

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6. Choose Your Colour Palette

The key to fuss-free dressing is to select a core colour palette and stick to it. By doing so you’ll be able to easily team any piece in your wardrobe without worrying that they’ll clash. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to just black, white and navy. While these colours are great for forming the base of your closet, you can enhance them with highlights of your favourite hues. Love pink? Add a few fabulous bubblegum pieces into your closet that can be worn back with your basics. Does green make your eyes pop? Embrace styles in statement shades of jade, forest and emerald. Personally, our favourite colour palette is a combo of red, white & blue. So chic! For an on-trend take on colour, you can also check out our blog: How to Incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your 2021 Wardrobe.


7. Opt for Comfy Pieces that Look Good

Busy days call for comfortable pieces you can move in. To ensure you can tackle your schedule without stress, embrace pieces that are functional and also look great. From cotton tops with added elastane for stretch to denim joggers with easy elastic waists, stylish yet practical clothing for women needn’t be hard to find. At White & Co, we stock a huge range of comfy and stylish pieces that both feel and look great to wear. It’s what we do best!


8. Avoid Fussy Fastenings

Intricate buttons and difficult-to-reach centre back zips can be a pain, especially when you’re in a rush to get dressed. Instead of struggling with fussy fastenings, make getting dressed a breeze by investing in easy slip-on items that you can throw on in a hurry. We’re talking smart lounge pants with elastic waists, tops with relaxed silhouettes, and dresses with stretch.  


9. Embrace Easy Layers

Versatile pieces that can easily be mixed, matched and layered are essential to every mum’s wardrobe. When getting out the door in the morning is a mission, knowing you have pieces that’ll always work together offers great peace of mind. We love comfy cotton tanks that can be layered under sweats, knits and jackets with ease as well and stylish cardigans that can be thrown over anything.


10. Shop Online

Heading to the store can be a time-consuming exercise, especially when you’re not 100% sure what you’re after. To save time and energy, embrace online shopping instead. Once the kids are in bed, simply jump online (perhaps with a wine or tea in hand). At White & Co, we’ve curated the best styles from our favourite labels, making it super easy to find pieces you love. It’s all the fun of shopping instore with none of the leg-work!

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